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Friends and tacos.

Last night was a perfect night. After a week of stressing and obsessing over all the things in my regular life and my work life, I needed to chill out. I hate that right now I’m one of those people that “live for the weekend,” but that’s where I’m at. Yesterday, I left the office at five o’clock, felt guilty for leaving on time at five o’clock, then annoyed at myself for feeling guilty for leaving work on time. I peddled home, got ready to go to open mat at the dojo, and then peddled on down to South Philly.

Admittedly, I don’t do a ton at open mat. Like a lot of clubs, our open mat is self-directed free practice for the judo and jiu jitsu students to drill techniques, trouble shoot problems in their game, and get in some extra sparring. It’s useful time to have. I’ve been lifting Friday morning before work, so I don’t have much to give by the time I get to open mat. I’ll work on a technique or two, roll for a couple sets, but that’s about it. Mostly, I go Friday nights because I want to see my friends. On Friday nights, no one has to rush right home afterwards since the weekend is here.

Last night, my friend Joy had her heart set on tacos and outdoor seating. I always have my heart set on tacos, so I was ready to help make her dream reach fruition. Joy, her BF who also trains, me, and our buddy and his GF headed over to my neighborhood in West Philly to this little taco spot. We got some cold beers from the little bottle shop around the corner, sat outside with our tacos and burritos, and chilled out. Since the night was so nice, we headed over to Clark Park, and sat outside, drinking beers and loitering like a lot of teenage hooligans. It was great. We talked about serious stuff, like our families, and dumb stuff, like the Renaissance Fair. After a while, it was time to head home. I felt so relaxed and content. I had this little flicker run across me signaling that my life is pretty good. Things are hard right now, but if I can eat a bunch of tacos and sit in a park on a Friday night, talking and laughing with friends, I’m doing alright.

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