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Haikuesday 07.29.14

I keep a light heart

when days weigh hard and heavy

so that I don’t sink.

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Haikuesday 07.22.14

I am looking hard

to my find root strength and will.

I won’t falter now.

Dear brothers.

Dear brothers, I love you

in all your incarnations:

the clown, the sage, the mosquito, the coach.

Though you could play the dragon,

that was just a test–

a test to see if I would fight back.

I need you, dear brothers,

for I am still small sometimes

and may need a boost over the wall,

or a hand at the top of the hill.

Your bravery radiates and ripples

in your presence and your absence,

and I look to you now

because I need to know.

I need you to tell me

what you think I should do.





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I will not hide.

I’ve come to find

that I like the fear.

I like the feeling

of doubt escalating

and imagining the tongue-lashing

and finite disappointment

which accompanies negligence and missteps.

I like the fear of failure.

It’s what forces me to pull my shoulders back,

look my mistakes in the eye,

and boldly declare that I don’t know what I’m doing.

I will be wrong,

but I will not hide.

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Talk about it.

Last week, I had the honor of being a guest on my friend, Dennis’ podcast. Dennis’ podcasts for his site, Service of Change, highlight personal experiences with social change, community building, and leadership. I talked with Dennis and his co-host, Joel, about mental health and cultural stigma as a barrier to wellness and healthy communities. The more we talk about our experiences, the more we can help heal ourselves and our neighbors.

Give it a listen:

Haikuesday 07.15.14

July 15, 2014 1 comment

It happens to be

that just one ice cream sandwich

is never enough.

Haikuesday 07.08.14

I always cheated

when when we did chest crawls. No more.

I can pull my weight.