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It didn’t match.

It didn’t match.

The sun was out.

The trees extended shade and stillness.

Little voices floated here and there with squeals and giggles.

Small, fast feet across the gravel forced the dust to shimmy and settle.

It didn’t match.

Old friends told old stories,

laughing before familiar punch lines.

Mothers and sons rolled their eyes at each other,

their fondness shining through the staged antagonism.

It didn’t match.

I was watching, and seeing such fullness,

suddenly I could feel who was missing.

The hollowness in my heart didn’t match

the sun,

the trees,

the dust shimmying and settling.

The whole must be filled.

It has to match.


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  1. June 3, 2014 at 14:20

    I love you. Let’s ‘hang on to what we’ve got’. Like an old song. That matches.

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