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Ready to fight.

I was at work and I could feel my insides eating themselves. Stress left me stiff and bent.  After work, I was supposed to talk with a young man who wants to be a social worker and offer some advice. Then I was supposed to go to my jiu jitsu practice, prepared to train. How was I supposed to help someone? And how was I to fight? Stiff shells don’t have much to offer.

As I sat down and heard this young man’s story and shared my social work path, I told him, “I like the fight.” I could feel the heat in me, the static electricity that builds before I get on the mat. I was a warrior again. I went to practice, ready to fight.

As I worked on the mat, I realized I wasn’t fighting. I was helping. I was supporting. I was rooting for the other person’s success. I was a social worker again.

I will go to work tomorrow, ready to fight.

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