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In the moment.

There are certain nights when I leave judo and jiu jitsu and my body is peppered with finger print bruises. I’ll turn my wrist, glance at my ankle, and there they sit. I can usually tell which of my training partners left each mark. On a few occasions when I’ve remarked on my bruises, nurturing individuals in my life express their concern, uncomfortable with the proof of pain. Their discomfort always confuses me. I think, “No! The bruises are good! I love them.”

Tonight, as I showered after one of those electric nights of training that left me covered in bruises, I spent time thinking how to explain my satisfaction with those little black and blue marks. My bruises are the physical proof of time well spent. They are symbols of hard work and getting lost in the moment. Bruises to practitioners of judo and jiu jitsu are like smudges of paint on the face and hands of an artist–a sign of blissful, possessed consumption.In moments off the mat, when I feel frustrated, discouraged, or trapped, one glance at my bruises reminds me of the joy and passion that awaits me.

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