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Haikuesday 07.30.13

Coach said I’m ready.

Now with days before the fight,

I must believe it.


This one summer night.

This night, I’ll lay down

with bedroom windows open

and each breath content.

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Haikuesday 07.23.13

Passive aggression

serves an inefficient means

to get your own way.

Haikuesday 07.16.13

July 16, 2013 1 comment

I know I sound vain,

but I think I’m prettiest

right after training.



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Red eyes,

red nose,

red thighs.

I got beat up by the sun and sea today,

but dang!

Don’t I feel alive.

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At the bottom of the stairs.

After a moment, I realized I was still standing at the bottom of the stairs.

I’m not sure how long I was pinned there,

locked into the dulled green of each carpeted step.

Those steps held something important, something I needed to know.

But suddenly I  jumped back into my body.

I forgot where I was going.

I forgot that one must climb stairs in order to go up.

This was just after I envisioned myself punching each tree I passed,

because each silent trunk looked so content and so sturdy,

and I did not.

Haikuesday 07.09.13

The voice that tells me,

“Look, go easy on yourself,”

is not convincing.