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Haikuesday 06.25.13

I am married to
my Tuesday BJJ class.
It’s well worth the work.

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  1. June 26, 2013 at 07:35

    I use that word too in relation to my spiritual practice. We ‘broke up’ once, but I understand it now in a much deeper way then I did then – how it is a living growing process that I use to transform and not something outside me as it seems on the surface. I enjoy that idea. There are times when I am not really feeling it. In considering that, I realized that unlike before I quit the first time, I had made that commitment inside myself this time around, That was when the word marriage came to mind. No one else with whom I practice uses that word or views it in quite that way, I’m sure. For me I’m just married to it with a vow. Because I know it is a long path leading both inward and outward and without end. So I don’t want to be shaken off it when there are hard times. I read you on this one.

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