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Real moments from my real life.

I am single girl in my early 30s living in the city of Philadelphia. During the day, I conduct clinical case management. At night, I train in grappling sports. After a work day filled with problem-solving weighted by immediacy, then followed by an ultra fun, high-energy jiu jitsu class, I came home and got in the shower. I experienced stillness for the first time today. In that stillness, I realized I was hungry. And tired. And hungry. I merely waved hello to my lunch earlier and barely swallowed 20 ounces of water. I stood in the shower, noting that I already shaved my left leg. I held up my razor and studied it. I looked at my unshaven right leg. I looked at the can of shaving cream on the edge of the tub, then looked back at my razor. I thought to myself, “I’ll shave the other leg….some other time.”

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  1. March 5, 2013 at 23:48

    Oh Lori, I know this feeling all to well. If I wouldn’t be shamed as a cyclist for not shaving my legs, I would most likely have one hairy leg as well. Its usually my the hair on my head that I decide to leave dirty one more day, because I am just too tired to wash it.

    Love you. I hope you get to teach me grappling some day soon.

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