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Happy Judoversary to me.

This March marks my three-year anniversary with the Philadelphia Judo Club. When I realized earlier tonight that March 2013 marks three years back on the mat, I immediately wanted to pour my guts out about what propelled me to ever try judo in the first place and what got me training again as an adult. Then I realized I did that already in one of my very first posts on this blog.

What I’m going to do in honor of my three years back, as well as the three parts of a judo throw (off-balance/kuzushi, entry/tsukuri, and finish/kake), is to make a three point list of what judo does for me:

1. Judo makes me learn from who I was.

2. Judo makes me test who I am.

3. Judo makes me aim for who I want to be.

When I started judo again in March 2010, I knew that judo was something I wanted. In retrospect, judo was something I needed.

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