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What’s your story?

My friend, Dennis, is someone I look up to. We don’t talk on a regular basis, but each time I leave him two things happen:

1. I learn something.

2. I feel love.

Dennis is a teacher and I am a social worker. His path to become a teacher is very different than mine to become a social worker. However, in listening to Dennis tell his story, I find that we are inspired and committed to similar ideals of transparency, social responsibility, and unrestrained caring. We both do our best to face that which we want to avoid because so often, the hard thing is the right thing.

Listen to Dennis tell you his story:

  1. February 26, 2013 at 08:44

    Thanks for sharing this, Lori. I know you have seen the inner workings of our society and feel the need to help just as strongly as I do. I can’t stress enough that we need to make a change on a major level, in many areas of our society. Thanks for helping me spread the message. Love you!

    • February 26, 2013 at 09:46

      When I was listening to you speak, I felt like I work with your children as adults. I work with people who have been emotionally and physically brutalized since childhood, and since they never received treatment or guidance, they ended up in some terrible situations. Your account makes me think about how poverty and violence has a systemic, cyclical impact. And you are right; we need to make a change.

      Thanks for making me think and for inspiring me even further. You’re awesome. x0x0x!

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