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It goes on for hours.

When I tried to write about it before,

it just seemed so base–

to talk about what was said in a text message.

This is how we communicate.

This is how we connect.

Even thought I can’t see your eyes,

and you don’t know that I’m sighing,

and it just goes on for hours.

Categories: poetry
  1. December 8, 2012 at 06:56

    I will take this in a slightly different direction. yes, without the eyes it is a high narrow mountainous road we are on every time. we don’t slip often, so we forget the myriad of gravel trails, cliffs, driveways and forks that are present and close by on every single Text Rd. and Email Hwy.

    that’s why when I came up for a minute time before last I said I got to swim in your eyes. For me, that’s like getting a pair of wider, better tires before getting back on the road.

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