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Judo is something fun that you can do with your friends.

Since I recently gained employment and can pay my mat fees guilt-free, I am back to training.  I love judo. I’ve said this six billion times. Yet coming back to training after time off is always hard. It’s difficult when I can feel how out of shape I am, but there’s a greater obstacle to regain the focus. That is what I was going to write about–how humbling judo can be, how it’s a constant test in patience and endurance, and how you have to constantly recommit yourself to your practice.

But I’ve been watching a lot of Yo Gabba Gabba lately, so that all seems heavy-handed right now. After about an hour of feeling slow and stiff and stupid, one of my regular training partners and I went a couple rounds of randori. Christine and I are competitive people. We want to throw each other. Tonight though, Christine and I were laughing as we beat each other up. A lot. Then I remembered DJ Lance. DJ Lance tells us that fun is something that makes us happy, and fun is something that we like.  I forgot that  judo is fun. It’s something that makes me happy, and something that I like.

I’m sure there are judoka out there who think there should be no laughing while training. Truthfully, a lot of times I do want a hyper serious practice. However, if we didn’t break the tension from time to time, we would certainly break the will to come back to class after feeling slow and stiff and stupid. I think DJ Lance would agree that sometimes you just go roll with the sillies so you can get back learning.



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