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Kitties, bunnies, and understanding.

As I mentioned previously, I am unemployed right now. I occupy a good chunk of my day with job applications and cover letters; however, my time on Facebook and searching the internet for adorable videos of kitties making friend with bunnies has shot up 3000% percent. So has the time I spend thinking about myself. My day pulses with quaking thoughts such as:

“When will I get a job?”

“Will I get a job?”

“Why is the dumpster so far away from my trashcan?”

“Who is really going to know if I have oatmeal and wine for dinner?”

It may surprise you, but I do tire of myself and my situation. This evening, my friend, Kristin, reminded me of the bigger, better, and more complex world beyond my little West Philly apartment.

Kristin is one of my favorite people ever, taking precedence over the great leaders and philosophers of both ancient civilization and the Renaissance. We have known each other since before we were tall enough to ride roller coasters.  In the last year, Kristin fell in love with and married an amazing man. Her husband is a lot like Kristin–warm, loving, smart, and fun. They are both killer judokas. Kristin’s husband is a Muslim from Africa. Kristin is not. This hasn’t stopped them from loving and committing to each other. Furthermore, their two families engage in an open exchange of welcome and acceptance. Still, Kristin’s husband does come from a culture which is not often understood or accepted in the US. I have seen his posts on Facebook after the recent attack on the US Embassy in Libya, asking his friends to consider that most Muslims are peaceful people, and not to let the few define the many. This evening, Kristin posted this on Facebook:

When I was 10 I didnt understand war. Why people couldnt talk it out and try to have love in the world. (yay naive 10 year olds!)

17 years later, I find myself (luckily) married to a muslim man from the middle east – so i am faced with cultural differences daily…however our willingness to listen, really understand one another, love eachother for our differences, embrace and rejoice in one anothers beliefs, support and learn from our varied histories, and work together despite our differences for a stronger tomorrow together- is what makes me know that we will still be giggling together 20 years from now. 
It also makes me thankful for having parents who raised us with open hearts & minds – and makes me hope that with future generations, more and more acceptance will exist.

I guess my mentality from when i was 10 hasn’t changed that much. In a society so crazed and set upon hating one another for being different, I still think that all we need is a little love. (yay naivety!)

The thing is, I don’t think Kristin is naive. If she was naive, she would pretend that she and her husband are exactly the same–that her being raised in Christian family in the US is hardly different than growing up as a Muslim in Africa. She would ignore how it can be difficult for her husband to express his devotion to his religion and culture when the rest of the country is villainizing who share his background. But she doesn’t. She recognizes and seeks to understand her husband, his family, and his culture. Maybe the only way Kristin is naive is that she doesn’t know how wise she is.

So thank you, Kristin, for taking away my microscope and handing me a telescope. The world seems exciting when you think about how big it is, how small we are, and the chance that one tiny person can bump into someone else and something good can from it.


  1. September 17, 2012 at 22:23


  2. September 28, 2012 at 10:21

    “…so thank you…for taking away my microscope and handing me a telescope…”. Wow. Thank you for sharing you vision and wisdom along the way, Lori!

    • September 28, 2012 at 14:16

      I just hope you clicked on the link to that adorable Youtube video!


      • jcarpenter001
        September 28, 2012 at 19:58

        Ohhh, so sweet! Now I want a bunny AND kitten! :-)))

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