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Levity provided by Mr. Latimer

I just spent the last hour writing a post about my dead mother, so now I feel compelled to lighten the mood.


A scene from my lunch with Mr. Latimer.

Me: Oh, Dad, guess who I saw last night?

Mr. Latimer: Who?

Me: Daffodale from my AmeriCorps term of service.

ML: Oh, yeah? Where at?

Me: Down in Old City at First Friday. Her boyfriend was one of the other group leaders we worked with, and Mr. Mike was there setting up with his band.

ML: Mr. Mike, huh? What did the kids call you? Mr. Lori?

Me: What? Why? Oh my god. Whatever, Dad.

Mr. Latimer barely stifles his laughter, so pleased with himself.

End scene.

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