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Saturdays with Mr. Latimer

Today, I spent the afternoon with Mr. Latimer. Since I’m no longer in school, my father and I meet up regularly. I like spending time with Mr. Latimer, but it’s still strange for me. For about ten years I lived several hundred miles away from home. We didn’t see each other a ton, and neither of us thrive during phone conversations. Until a few years ago, our conversations solely revolved around the Philadelphia Eagles. These conversations, to a degree, were one-sided:

Mr. Latimer: Blah blah pre-season. Blah blah blah quarterback. Blah blah blah defensive line.

Me: Dad, I don’t care about the Eagles. I’m not listening to you right now.

Mr. Latimer: Shut up. This is important for you to hear.

Since Mr. Latimer and I spend more time together, the nature of our conversation has slowly evolved. After years of exclusively receiving lectures on the Eagles, I remain surprised by the variety of topics we discuss. Today’s conversation included:

1. Harry Potter (Mr. Latimer is reading the series. I know, right? My brain is still having a hard time with this one.)

2. Bows and arrows. (We like to shoot things.)

3. Lord of the Rings (We like to read books where mythical beings shoot things.)

4. Judo injuries and rehabbing judo injuries. (We don’t like it when we have reduce time spent sublimating our anger through grappling sports.)

4. Michael Jackson (While Mr. Latimer thinks he is a total Creepasaurus Rex, he respects the late pop artist’s craft.)

5. Conspiracy theories across ancient civilizations (Mr. Latimer possess a great love of history, and is also a paranoid weirdo.)

So that was this Saturday. What will we talk about next time???

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