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Sunday funday.

Sunday is my favorite judo day. It’s been my favorite since I started practicing again three years ago. Back then, Sunday was typically a small group, but it tended to be the people I liked training with most. Since there were so few of us, our coaches usually would treat us by showing a technique that was reserved in their arsenal for special occasions, or they would let us decide as a class what we’d like to do. My coach liked to say that the Sunday people were getting a leg up on everyone who didn’t come in to train on the weekends.

I don’t hate on people that skip Sundays. There was a huge chunk of my life where I would never set an alarm on a Sunday morning to engage in physical activity activities for two hours. I almost think it’s easier to train during the week; heading to practice seems like an extension of the work day. You’re already busy, so what’s one more thing? During the weekend, though, there are so many things you could do besides go train. Like sleep late. Or go to brunch with your friends. Or spend time with your family. Or any number of activities that don’t include falling a lot.

Maybe that’s why I like Sundays so much. I feel like going to practice Sunday morning is 100% my choice. I’m not on auto pilot mode like I am during the structured work week, so going to judo that day is something I really want to do. And maybe that’s why Sunday’s class always ends up feeling a little special.

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