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Small poem for a small cat.

November 30, 2011 2 comments

So my dad’s cat died.

I forgot how such small things

Often feel so sad.

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Haikuesday 11.29.11

November 29, 2011 2 comments

Didn’t want to write

Since I don’t want to complain.

I’ll keep my mouth shut.

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November 27, 2011 2 comments

I didn’t realize that recovering from Shingles could be such a slow and stupid process. I’m experiencing difficulty getting my work done, and while I’ve asked for two mini extensions, I’m still panicking. I have to complete four papers, three exams, and one presentation by December 16th.

I’m pretty sure I got myself into this mess by pushing myself a little too hard and not giving myself adequate recovery time after I was first diagnosed. A large part of me is terrified of making myself worse. So on one hand, I think to myself, “What’s the big deal if I get a B+ or two on my report card the semester I got Shingles?” On the other hand, that thought disgusts me and I’d rather come out saying, “The semester I got Shingles, I still got all As.”

Clearly, only Calvin and Hobbes can put things into perspective.

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Thirty Thanksgivings.

November 24, 2011 1 comment

When I turned 30, I meant to write something about it, but I didn’t. Now that it’s Thanksgiving though, I’m feeling reflective for the second time this month. I realize that all of the things I’ve obtained and experienced by age 30 are all the things I’m thankful for. So here’s my cheesy Thanksgiving list:

1. Mr. Latimer

2. The mom that I had, flaws and all

3. The brother that I had, even though I wish we’d had more time

4. My many, many cousins

5. That my grandmom and I grew to like and understand each other before her dementia set in

6. That my dad found someone new

6a.  Jeannie and her family

7. The friends I grew up with

8. The friends I made at UMass

9. The friends I made in New Orleans

10. The friends I made in Georgia

11. The friends I made when I moved back to Philly

12. All friendships that vanished then reformed

13. Good mentors

14. Judo

14a. The old judo family

14b. My new friends and mentors at the PJC

15. That I’ve gotten to travel all over the U.S.

16. That I’ve gotten to travel to other countries

17. That I’ve had lots of great educational opportunities

18. That I was raised by parents who liked to read

19. That I was raised in a household that gave equal opportunity to both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones

20. That I’ve had the chance to live by myself

21. That I started writing again

22. That I’m no longer so twitchy and self-conscious that I can actually put all my silly writing on the internet

23. That I found a job I love

24. That I’m back in a city

25. That I’m learning to ask for help

26. That I realized how amazing my classmates are

27. That I’m finally tall enough to ride all the roller coasters

28. That I didn’t go blind in my left eye

29. Google Image searches for baby ducks

30. YouTube videos of kittens on Roombas

Real talk.

November 23, 2011 2 comments

(A co-worker and I are transporting some items from the residential facility to the daycare center across the street for a meeting.)

Co-worker: Where’s your coat?

Me: It’s in the building.

CW: Who do you think you are, Superwoman?

Me: I don’t feel cold now.

CW: You’re going to end up in the hospital.

Me: No, no. I already did that this year. I’m not doing that again.

CW: Then go put your coat on.

Haikuesday 11.22.11, Part II

November 22, 2011 1 comment

I can’t do real work,

So I write haikus instead.

Feeling sick is dumb.

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Haikuesday 11.22.11

November 22, 2011 1 comment

Please take this shovel.

I’ve been digging my own grave,

but I won’t get in.

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