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I don’t like the other side of the fence.

As I mentioned too many times before, sometimes I get hurt practicing judo. There are times when it hurts a lot and I have sit out for a couple practices, and there are other times when the pain is just a little annoying and I can push through. Really, I could care less about the pain. I only get upset when my injury means I have to step back from training. Otherwise, it’s just part of the game.

Today, however, I had the reverse, sucky experience of hurting someone else. And I know that you can argue that it’s not my fault. Accidents happen, especially in a sport like judo. I can’t remember getting angry with the person I was working with when I’ve gotten hurt during class. I know that person was not trying to hurt me.  And the girl I was working with was very cool about the whole thing. But still, I felt pretty terrible.

There’s not much else to say. It’s just another thing that I have to learn from and move on.

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