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Becoming brown.

It happened on Monday night. It was sweaty, nerve-wracking, and lasted about three minutes. It was my Kata demonstration. And it’s done.

So now I’m a brown belt.

Perhaps for some, getting your brown belt is not a big deal. For me, however, it’s massive. It almost means more to me than one day earning my black belt.

I started practicing judo when I was a tiny six year-old. Then, a brown belt was only something adults could wear. I remember when my dad got his first brown belt. I was so amazed by him. I don’t think I really understood much about judo at that age, but I knew that when my dad put on his brown belt for the first time, that signified that he was in it for real. This was not my dad’s hobby; this was his life.

I still view brown belts with a six year old’s perspective, like I should have to work for another 10 years before I can put on my new belt. I know I’ve been working hard, but it feels so surreal to think that now is my time.  Am I prepared for all the work that lies ahead? I do  feel ready for this. Still, I’m a little terrified. I’m a brown belt. People are going to expect me to know stuff.

Despite the fear, there is a part of my that’s pretty proud as well. Actually, this pride stems mostly from the inspiration I draw from the women I train with. There are not many of us at my club, but I know I’m fortunate because my club certainly has more women than most. I’m even more fortunate that all the women I train with are more advanced than I am and that they make great teachers. I will never, ever discount how much all the guys at my club me to me; a lot of them have been really important in my growth as a judoka and they’re my family. But being a girl who practices judo is not as common as I’d like. When I look at my assistant coach, who is a fourth degree black belt, and my Kata partner, who is a first degree black belt, I’m simply in awe of their skill and tenacity. I feel  lucky to have them in both my judo life and my regular life. Their support has been invaluable to me. As I keep going, I’m honored to think that I have such phenomenal women helping me build my foundation.

I still feel like I’m going puke though.



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