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“Stop trying to win!”

I am addicted to achieving. I don’t what triggered this addiction or how I can learn to cope with it, but recently my friend gave me a verbal slap in the face: “Stop trying to win!” It made me pause. Now, her telling me this is completely hypocritical, since she is probably just as, if not more, competitive and addicted to achieving. (See https://latattack.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/i-came-here-to-win-but-why/). But she has a point. I decided over the summer that I wanted to be more involved at school. So I began volunteering for student panels to answer questions for accepted and incoming students. I volunteered to be a peer mentor for a first year MSW student. I’m trying to work with other students in my program to address racism at Penn. I’m doing my best to get to Penn’s judo club as often as I can.

Recently, I decided to run for a position for our school’s student government. Now that I’ve actually won the position (one of two school reps for Penn’s Graduate and Professional Student Association), I can’t help but hear my friend’s warning ringing in my ears. She knows how my day goes already, which is something like this:

Get up

Work out

Go to field/class

Go to practice/work out

Do course work until a stupid hour at night

Pass out

My weekends are not very different, except sometimes I squeeze in time with buddies or family, maybe do laundry, and probably clean my cave. So why the hell would I try to cram in one more commitment? Well, in short, I do want to win. I mean, how many times do we get to attend an internationally renowned academic institution? For most people, never. While I’m here, I want to take advantage of every opportunity and resource that I can. Maybe I will drink too much coffee and Cherry Coke Zero in the process. Perhaps my doctor will not be happy with the amount of sleep I get each week. But it’s only for this last year. I can sleep after May 2012.

But I won’t stop drinking so much coffee, and I probably won’t stop trying to win.

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