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It’s starting again.

September is here, which means school is here. While a few weeks ago I was overwhelmed by anxiety at the thought of the new semester, anxiety was replaced by acceptance. Yesterday, I even bought some of my books along with some new highlighters and folders. This made me feel a little happy about going back.  Then when I got home, I checked my email and saw a message from one of my instructors noting that he posted the syllabus online and we do have a reading assignment for the first day of class. I downloaded the syllabus and as I proceeded to skim it over, I saw words and phrases like “objectives”, “course expectations”, and “assignment due.” Panic, fear, and dread filled my heart again. I decided I would do the reading assignment…later.

Today, I went campus to help the Penn Judo Club recruit some new members at the activities fair. As I elbowed my way through a sea of gangly undergrads to find the club’s table, I added annoyance and disgust to my list of negative emotions regarding the upcoming school year. However, after I joined the other club members and we began tossing each other around and teaching potential members how to do a throw, I began to feel more relaxed and even eager to begin classes this week. Its very unique to be a part of an academic institution, whether you’re a student, staff, or faculty. Not everyone gets to have that experience. It felt nice to be a part of something bigger. I also thought about how I briefly saw some of my classmates over the weekend and I realized how much I’m looking forward to seeing them again. They’re really smart, fun, interesting people and it will be good to be around them again. Yes, the school part of school is hard and a little miserable, but it’s all the other stuff–the people, the resources, the opportunities, that make it great.

Also, I did remember to purchase an iron so I can look like a real grown-up for my field placement this year. Removing the fear of horribly wrinkled clothes has brought such ease to my mind.

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