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A father’s words of inspiration.

(Arriving at Mr. Latimer’s)

Me: Hey, Dad.

Mr. Latimer: Hey, bunny. How are you?

Me: OK.

ML: Mumble mumble mumble.

Me: What?

ML: Good. I said, ” Good’s good”.

Me: I didn’t say I was good. I said I was OK.

ML: Oh.

Me: I’m pretty beat. I think I’m over-training.

(ML stares blankly)

Me: I mean, I do an hour work-out in the morning and then I go train all the night. I think I’m wearing myself out.

(ML rolls eyes slightly upward. Shrugs shoulder.)

ML: You know, when I started judo I was 36.


(At lunch with Good Buddy)

Good Buddy (to me): Did you go to judo last night?

Me: Yeah.

GB: Did you hurt yourself?

Me: Uh…well…it was just me and the instructor, so when it’s just two of you, you work a little harder. I might have overdone it a little.

ML: It was just you?

Me: And the instructor.Wednesday we have different black belt teach. Last night it was me and Lee. You know Lee, right? Southern guy.

ML: Yeah, I know Lee. Tall guy, light brown hair?

Me: Yeah.

ML (skeptically): He worked with you?

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