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I can’t believe I’m saying this…

I’m really going to miss Tuesday nights. School is about to start, so I won’t be able to fit in Tuesday night’s BJJ and Kata classes. (Well, not unless I want sub-par grades. Sacrifices, sacrifices).  Kata and jiu jitsu are two things I used to love to hate. I started taking classes in these two practices solely to make me a better judoka. While I would go to BJJ other nights during the week, these classes were sandwiched between kettlebells and judo, which are mega fun for me. Going through an hour and half of jiu jitsu followed by an hour and a half of Kata, however, felt more like taking my vitamins and eating all my vegetables. Yes, they are good for me, but they are more funner things I could be doing.

My attitude has changed in the last few weeks. It could be the bigger class sizes make for a more intense practice. It could be that I realize I’m learning and progressing a little in both BJJ and Kata. It could be that I’m getting a little more confident. I think, though, that what I’ve grown to appreciate about BJJ and Kata is that they really make me think. I have to slow myself down and stay calm.  BJJ matches are long. I can relax and figure out my next move during training. I have the time to work on a basic technique or experiment with something new. Kata requires you and your partner to obtain a sense of timing and be able to help and correct each other without words or obvious movements. You have to remain calm in order to that.  While I do exert a lot of focus during judo practice, I have the benefit of getting a four year head start as a kid. Some things for me are instinctual because of that base. So during judo, most of the time my body is running the show and my brain is along for the ride. I like experiencing the opposite with BJJ and Kata.

I’m sad that I’ll have to slow down my BJJ and Kata practice since I’m gaining momentum in both. At the same time, I think this charge has formed a sense of commitment to these two practices for me. I entered BJJ class with my only goal being to suck less at mat work. Promotions and competition seemed like a joke. Now, I can see myself maybe next summer entering a local BJJ competition. I would even like to compete in Kata at some point down the line. For me, I know I care about something if I want to push myself and be tested.

Maybe I like eating all my vegetables more than I thought.



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