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Where are all the girls?

After a school event yesterday, I had lunch with two of my classmates and they started talking about how certain professions have become gendered. They specifically mentioned the “helping” professions, which includes teaching, nursing, and our field, social work. These fields are primarily populated by women. My MSW cohort, for example, has about 150 students, but less than 10% are men. I remember the fall semester looking around one of my classrooms and noticing there were three male students out 25. I thought, “Oh, wow. There are a lot of guys in this in this class.”

In my other life, my judo life, the statistics are the opposite. It’s pretty much all dudes. My club probably has more women than most, but there are definitely practices where I’m one of two girls, or even the only girl.

Since judo and social work are inexplicably fused together for me, I’ve been trying to think about the gender gaps in my two practices:

As women, is it just that we would rather fight for someone else because we’re afraid to fight for ourselves?

Would we rather take care of someone else because we don’t believe we deserve to take care of ourselves?

Would we rather teach someone else because we don’t believe we don’t think there’s more we can learn?

Nursing, teaching, and social work are all extremely difficult jobs. I’m not saying they’re the most difficult, but the work is challenging and constant. So I can’t help but wonder why so many women want to do these hard jobs, but they won’t come to judo practice with me.

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